After the Reseller Programme Registration, you will receive a so-called Partnership UUID generated by us. You can find this in the reseller settings at

This UUID is the decisive link between you and your customers. In order for us to credit new customers to your account, this UUID must be submitted during registration.

Calenso Affiliate Link

An affiliate link is generated in the settings. You will find your UUID in the link. If you send this link to your customers and they register for Calenso on this page, we will be able to link the account to your reseller account.


If you do not want to use the Calenso Affiliate page for advertising, you can build your own website and integrate the registration widget as an iFrame in your site. You can also find the integration code on the reseller settings page:


Again, make sure that the UUID is noted correctly. The best way is to register an account and check your reseller dashboard to see if the customer is listed as a referral.


We are currently working on a registration bot, which will guide the customer through the registration process easily and without much overhead. Want a little taste?