Wichtige Änderung für alle die SMS verschicken:

Neu muss ein eigener SMSAPI-Account erstellt und mit Calenso verbunden werden, damit SMS verschickt werden. Calenso übernimmt die Kosten ab dem nächsten Release (4.19.0) nicht mehr. Wer bis Ende Mai keinen Account verbunden hat, wird keine SMS mehr verschicken können. Alle Informationen dazu findest du hier.

Neue Funktionen:

  • Calenso unterstützt nun eigene Office365-Enterprise-Applikationen (Corporate Features).
  • Verbesserte Performance bei der Suche und Anzeige von Terminen
  • einige nervige Bugs wurden behoben (siehe unten für Details).


  • BRAIN-6165: Integrate booking widget in step is_appointment_booking_step
  • BRAIN-6170: Save data on existing customer
  • BRAIN-6188: Remove blue outline on survey buttons (when clicked)
  • BRAIN-6197: Only use required fields for progressbar calculation
  • BRAIN-6198: Add language switcher
  • BRAIN-6211: Notification type (email / sms) option must be available in smartwidget (after personal data)
  • BRAIN-6213: Meeting type selection does not support mutlilang
  • BRAIN-6215: Anyone option does not load bookable appointments
  • BRAIN-6236: On step 4 (appointment step) ask user if he wants to book an appointment or not


  • Migrated sender name to notification page
  • BRAIN-4623: Optimize event create setup screens
  • BRAIN-5644: It is not possible to group slots to multi-day-events twice because the toggle stays active after activation
  • BRAIN-5712: Migrate node-sass
  • BRAIN-6027: Coupon expiry date is wrongly rendered
  • BRAIN-6077: Reedem coupon button is missing in widget and subscription upgrade
  • BRAIN-6102: Customers must add their own smsapi account api
  • BRAIN-6153: Rebooking should only be enabled within the enabled period of hours
  • BRAIN-6154: Join unblu meeting link should be enabled only 15 minutes before start of meeting
  • BRAIN-6173: Refactor booking question label code. Badges should be shown after title, not after label
  • BRAIN-6189: Implement store, employee, resource limit in dashboard based on subscription
  • BRAIN-6191: Show IDs for custom field options in UI
  • BRAIN-6198: Add language switcher
  • BRAIN-6200: If appointment is cancelled already, do not show message that cancellation is not possible
  • BRAIN-6202: Show availability of appointment in calendar (busy, free)
  • BRAIN-6218: Images are not saved as full_screen
  • BRAIN-6219: Dashboard Upcoming Bookings: Wrong time displayed for group appointments
  • BRAIN-6224: Questionnaire loading screen add ghost elements or loader
  • BRAIN-6235: Show status of appointment in tooltip in calendar
  • BRAIN-6240: Add support for custom Office365 client id and client secret
  • BRAIN-6245: Appointment search should support limit and offset (pagination)
  • BRAIN-6246: Coupon is limited to 1970 even though value is null
  • BRAIN-6247: Adding absence is not possible if no resource was selected
  • BRAIN-6251: Implement feedback-types for Bugbattle
  • BRAIN-6252: Add support link to sms-section in settings
  • BRAIN-6259: Add Office365 tenant support


  • BRAIN-6072: Ability to "limit" meeting_type by appointment service context
  • BRAIN-6102: Customers must add their own smsapi account api
  • BRAIN-6223: Webhook Request data field limit should be bigger
  • BRAIN-6241: Calenso sender check when sending SMS
  • BRAIN-6242: Implement custom Office365 client for Helvetia
  • BRAIN-6243: Properly handle wrong authorization for SMSAPI
  • BRAIN-6245: Appointment search should support limit and offset (pagination)
  • SMSAPI: Migrated to token-based authentication
  • Upgraded to latest version of SMSAPI.
  • New setting for Office365 Client ID and Client Secret
  • Migrated calenso-calendar-layer into application


  • Empty language switcher is fixed
  • common.choseBookType translation is fixed
  • Button disable css issue is fixed
  • Fixed row margin bottom css issue
  • Fixed input field css issue
  • BRAIN-5791: Appointment service search should filter all appointment_services not only appointment service categories
  • BRAIN-6072: Ability to "limit" meeting_type by appointment service context
  • BRAIN-6206: Fix CSS issues
  • BRAIN-6248: "end of process" should abort booking process in normal booking widget