Calenso Release v4.17.0 (30.04.2021)

Erstellt von Calenso Support, Geändert am Fri, 30 Apr 2021 um 07:32 PM von Calenso Support

Neue Funktionen:

  • Calenso unterstützt nun Microsoft Teams als Meeting-Anbieter.
  • Calenso unterstützt nun Cisco Webex als Meeting-Anbieter.
  • Calenso unterstützt nun GoTo-Meeting als Meeting-Anbieter.
  • Nun kann die Dienstleistungsbeschreibung im Buchungswidget angezeigt werden.
  • Es gibt 3 neue Buchungsfragentypen: Kartenauswahl, Bilderauswahl, Nummer-Input.
  • Nun werden in der Terminliste angezeigt, über welchen Meeting-Anbieter das Meeting stattfindet.


  • Implemented widget-steps for questionnaire (BMS)
  • Fixed multi-day-events that do not have child slots -> calculation of free-slots now possible
  • Appointment download is not possible if appointment was cancelled
  • Error when customer is trying to download event appointment
  • Fix reboat issue: When no slot worker is set, creating customer-notes should not fail
  • BRAIN-5592: Microsoft Teams integration
  • BRAIN-5646: Multi-day-events do not show correct number of free slots in booking widget
  • BRAIN-6019: Setting to show description in widget
  • BRAIN-6024: EUR generated bexio invoices have wrong VAT codes
  • BRAIN-6070: GoToMeeting integration
  • BRAIN-6088: Group appointment attendees PDF export not correct - it does not show if someone has already payed.
  • BRAIN-6094: BMS: Extend CustomFieldOptions (title, image, number_default, number_min, number_max)
  • BRAIN-6095: Wrong bexio invoicing (wrong tax-id, mwst-type and mwst-net for EUR invoices)
  • BRAIN-6096: Coupons are not properly added to Bexio invoices
  • BRAIN-6097: Bexio invoice creation: mwst_is_net is not properly working
  • BRAIN-6110: Cisco Webex integration
  • BRAIN-6130: Create own link-shortening service
  • BRAIN-6157: DROPA: Make number of slots configurable and save it to localstorage (prevent scrolling issues)
  • BRAIN-6182: Delete external meetings when appointment is cancelled


  • BRAIN-6082: BMS: Implement image picker booking question type
  • BRAIN-6083: BMS: Implement number picker booking question type
  • BRAIN-6084: BMS: Implement card-select booking question type
  • BRAIN-6090: It should be possible to select service by click on card
  • BRAIN-6108: Make smart-widget available as iframe (without chat container)
  • BRAIN-6159: Show progress bar in dashboard
  • BRAIN-6161: Correctly style the button based on prototype
  • BRAIN-6162: * asterix looks strange (maybe wrong font size)
  • BRAIN-6163: Pointer cursor for whole area of cards
  • BRAIN-6164: On real mobile devices, number-select is fucked up
  • BRAIN-6166: Color should be black
  • BRAIN-6167: Step bullets should be red
  • BRAIN-6169: Improve transitions between steps
  • BRAIN-6172: Implement BMS questionaire in smart-widget project
  • BRAIN-6174: End of process must support child custom field
  • BRAIN-6178: Implement iframe resizer in smart-widget
  • BRAIN-6184: Background color in survey page should be white, not blue
  • BRAIN-6196: Some labels are not translated


  • BRAIN-5965: Widget context must selected-worker-email param
  • BRAIN-6019: Show appointment-service description inline based on setting
  • BRAIN-6112: Deacitvated languages are still shown in the booking widget.
  • BRAIN-6115: book button is not properly aligned in widget
  • BRAIN-6119: Widget-groups are having top-padding (escept morning)
  • BRAIN-6120: Remove o'clock for english in widget
  • BRAIN-6123: Number-select css is broken in widget
  • BRAIN-6124: Implement same "load-more" button css as in the smart-widget
  • BRAIN-6148: If meeting duration is less than 10 minutes, deactivate Webex as meeting-provider (not-clickable)


  • BRAIN-5592: Microsoft Teams and Google Meet integration
  • BRAIN-6019: Show appointment-service description inline based on setting
  • BRAIN-6070: Integrate GoToMeeting
  • BRAIN-6084: BMS: Implement card-select booking question type
  • BRAIN-6085: BMS: Implement survey landing page
  • BRAIN-6109: Create smart widget via UI does create wrong locale "de" instead of "de_CH"
  • BRAIN-6110: Cisco Webex integration
  • BRAIN-6113: Remove "Hide soon available functions" in Dashboard Settings
  • BRAIN-6116: Multilang customfields are not translating (in booking-question settings, widget, landingpage)
  • BRAIN-6117: Number-select: min should not be higher than max value
  • BRAIN-6121: Show meeting-type icons in appointment list under location
  • BRAIN-6122: Show meeting type icons in landingpages
  • BRAIN-6125: Customer booking table should list "date" and not start and end. Same as in appointment list page
  • BRAIN-6126: Font is too big in customer booking table
  • BRAIN-6127: In appointment-list, remove category but show location of appointment (use same logic as in customer-booking-table). Add icon before location text.
  • BRAIN-6157: Reboat: Make number of slots configurable and save it to localstorage (prevent scrolling issues)
  • BRAIN-6159: Show progress bar in dashboard
  • BRAIN-6160: Dashboard page should be scrollable, not the iframe
  • BRAIN-6171: Dropa: It must be possible to abort the booking process on a customfield
  • BRAIN-6178: Implement iframe resizer in smart-widget
  • BRAIN-6190: make dashboard header (incl. progressbar) sticky

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